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University of Glasgow :: Glasgow, Scotland, UK

The University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK. The University of Glasgow is a major research-led university operating in an international context with the following fundamental aims: * to provide education through the development of learning in a research environment * to undertake fundamental, strategic and applied research * to make a major contribution to local, regional, national and international communities through widening access and through working in partnership to support economic regeneration * to sustain and add value to Scottish culture, to the natural environment and to the national economy.
Imperial College London

Imperial College London is a world-class university with a mission to benefit society through excellence in science, engineering, medicine and business.
WIRED UK | Future Science, Culture & Technology News and Reviews

Stories, people and ideas that are changing our day-to-day world by Wired UK. The most important, interesting and inspiring news and features on
Queen Mary University of London

Queen Mary University of London is an established university in London's vibrant East End committed to high-quality teaching and research.
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The University of Exeter in Exeter, Devon, and Falmouth, Cornwall, UK, offers research and study in sciences, social sciences, business, humanities and arts.
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Start your UK & international job search for academic jobs, research jobs, science jobs and managerial jobs in leading universities and top...
University of Dundee - Scottish University of the Year

The University of Dundee, Scotland, is one of the UK's leading universities, internationally recognised for its expertise across a range of disciplines including science, medicine, engineering and art
HSE: Information about health and safety at work

Advice, guidance, news, templates, tools, legislation, publications from Great Britain's independent regulator for work-related health, safety and illness; HSE
Topmarks Education: teaching resources, interactive resources, worksheets, homework, exam and revision help

Searchable site of thousands of quality teaching resources, interactive resources, homework, exam and revision help. Useful for teachers, pupils and parents.
Collins for Education, Revision, ELT, Dictionaries & Atlases - Home

Teaching and learning resources from Early Years to A Level. Now with Letts and Lonsdale!
British Geological Survey (BGS) | A world-leading geoscience centre

A world-leading geoscience centre for survey and monitoring; modelling and research; data and knowledge.
UK News, Breaking News, UK Sport News, Politics News | The BlackBud

The provides latest & exclusive news based in UK. We cover UK News, Politics News, Tech Headlines, Science, Heath, Travel, Sport News, celebrities, showbiz, Business and LifeStyle.
Home Page - CGP Books

CGP write and sell great value revision guides and study books for UK schools. The educational books cover A-Level, GCSE, KS3, KS2 and KS1 with subjects such as Maths, Science, History, Geography, French, English and more. Order online!
Learn on the Internet

Learn on the Internet is a new learning and teaching web site. The web site is being developed to include learning and teaching resources and links to useful sites. Learn on the Internet has several partner sites covering Geography, OCR National ICT and Science.
SciTools Homepage

SciTools - Python libraries for Weather and Climate Science.
Welcome to Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences | Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

A craft and DIY blog containing lots of handmade craft ideas and free printables
British Oceanographic Data Centre (BODC) — oceanographic and marine data

The British Oceanographic Data Centre (BODC) is a national facility for preserving and distributing oceanographic and marine data.
Welcome to CLEAPSS

CLEAPSS - Supporting practical science and technology
UK - Bayer plc

Bayer United Kingdom Hompage
Quality Lab Products & Scientific Laboratory Supplies | Camlab

Camlab offer a wide range of lab products and scientific laboratory supplies to industrial, life science and water testing laboratories. Find out more here.
Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror | Sci-Fi Artists & Cosplay

Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror website focusing on the Visual, Sci-Fi Artists, Concept Art, Movie Trailers, Video Games, Cosplay Models and Photography
New Humanist

New Humanist is a quarterly magazine published by the Rationalist Association, a historic 125-year-old UK charity promoting science, reason, humanism, and free thought. Visit to learn more about our work and find links to the latest and very best news, essays, blogs and information from the world's finest free thinking authors. Writers and contributors include Richard Dawkins, Laurie Taylor, Mary Midgley, Michael Bywater, Marilynne Robinson, Philip Pullman, Ricky Gervais, Noam Chomsky and many more.
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United Kingdom Free Advertising Free Buy and United Kingdom Free Ads Free Advertising no Account Required no Registration Free Ads United Kingdom Free Business Listing and Advertising Web Site Daslot B2B Businesss
Home - The Association for Science Education

The ASE is a community of teachers, technicians, and other professionals supporting science education and is the largest subject association in the UK.
Home | The Alan Turing Institute

Our mission as the national institute for data science and artificial intelligence is to make great leaps in research in order to change the world for the better.
David Moore's World of Fungi: where mycology starts

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Prof Steven Abbott, Science for the Real World

Practical science principles explained with useful apps. Prof Steven Abbott covers Adhesion, Surfactants, (Nano)Coating and Solubility Science.
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Thousands of free video tutorials. Courses provided for programming, Maths, Science, History plus much more.